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Winning SBIR Sample Proposal Package - SBIR Guide

Winning SBIR Sample Proposal Package


Would you like an actual winning SBIR Phase I proposal to benchmark off of? 

Our Winning SBIR Sample Proposal Package is here to help!  It includes:

  • An actual winning 2020 DLA full Phase I SBIR proposal based upon the NEW DoD SBIR portal (some proprietary information redacted)

  • Volume 1: Proposal Cover Sheet and Certifications

  • Volume 2: Full Technical Volume (some proprietary information redacted)

  • Volume 3: Cost Volume

  • Volume 6: Training Certificate 

SBIR GUIDE has helped small businesses win over $45 MILLION since 2018.  Our 53% success rate beats the  average 16% award rate hands down! 

"SBIR Guide was born out of the desire to make the SBIR funding process more accessible for small business owners, and in turn, support the US military's goal to increase the rate of life-saving innovation." --  Ed Bard, SBIR Guide Founder


When you win...  We all do.





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