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DoD SBIR Professional Proposal Review - SBIR Guide

DoD SBIR Professional Proposal Review


Improve your chances of winning with Professional SBIR Proposal Review! 

WHO:  Our review product is perfect for small businesses who have completed a first draft of their SBIR proposal. 

WHAT:   With a proprietary 10 STEP Process, Ed Bard and staff reviews your DoD SBIR proposal for compliance and evaluation against key proposal selection criteria.  SBIR Guide will provide a markup of the provided draft (in Word format) to include comments on areas that need clarification, more content, and  suggestions and comments to improve the narrative and make it more compelling to the reviewer.  

WHEN:  Timing is important -- Let SBIR Guide work collaboratively with you early enough in the SBIR cycle so that you have time to make revisions based upon your SBIR GUIDE review. 

Save time, improve your SBIR proposal's win percentage, and achieve peace of mind that your DoD SBIR proposal will be compliant. 



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