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AFWERX Phase I Customer Discovery - SBIR Guide

AFWERX Phase I Customer Discovery


Receive at least 10 relevant Department of Defense contacts in 7 days -- GUARANTEED!

Congratulations  -- You've won an AFWERX Phase I grant!  Now for the next challenge -- finding a U.S. military customer that is interested in your product in less than 3 months!  Take the pain out of navigating the DoD with SBIR GUIDE's AFWERX PHASE I CUSTOMER DISCOVERY.     

SBIR GUIDE's proprietary search will deliver at least 10 relevant contacts including name, email and/or phone and their relevant experience --  within 7 days or YOUR MONEY BACK.


Step 1:  Client sends NDA and SBIR non-proprietary technical abstract to SBIR Guide for review.

Step 2:  After reviewing your technical abstract, SBIR GUIDE executes an NDA, to ensure the confidentiality of your proposal. 

Step 3:  Client forwards proposal and pitch deck to SBIR GUIDE (Client is welcome to redact sensitive content from materials as desired).

Step 4:  SBIR GUIDE determine's best path for customer exploration

Step 5: If needed, SBIR GUIDE will seek clarification on value proposition and target markets. 

Step 6:  SBIR GUIDE executes a proprietary search on the company's behalf.

Step 7:  SBIR GUIDE delivers that following within 7 days or your money back:  At least 10 relevant DoD contacts to include name, email and/or phone, and their relevance.

Step 8:  SBIR GUIDE will also investigate any open relevant DoD opportunities for the client's solution.




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