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SBIR and STTR State Matching Funds Programs

Posted by Ed Bard on

In addition to the Federal Government's SBIR/STTR program, several states have funded programs to support SBIR and STTR companies.  These funds are often provided to assist with costs encountered during the preparation of submitting a SBIR/STTR grant. Phase I and Phase II matching funds are provided respectively to supplement already awarded SBIR/STTR grants and usually match up to a certain pre-designated threshold.  Each state that offers a SBIR/STTR matching program operates differently and will have its own criteria and deadlines that must be met. 

As many of these state programs are difficult to find, we created a helpful resource  -- the state matching funds table.  Please note that these programs change quickly with budgeting and legislation.  If you see an error, changed program or omission, please comment.  We will verify and then update the table.

Click Here to Download the latest SBIR/STTR State Matching Funds Table


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