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2019.3 DoD SBIR Pre-Release

Posted by Ed Bard on

October 23 SBIR Deadline

The Department of Defense (DOD) has released its 3rd and final fiscal year Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Broad Agency Announcements (BAA).  In this release, many of the agencies are represented, and this year brings several new direct to phase II opportunities. 

Program Details:

2019 DoD SBIR release 3

You can find the full release here:

You can also quickly search the topics here:

Key Dates:

August 23, 2019: DoD BAA issued for pre-release.  You can ask questions of the program manager.  For assistance on how to engage with program managers, you can email me at

September 24, 2019: DoD begins accepting proposals.  If you need assistance with your proposal check out for a variety of tools.

October 9, 2019: SITIS Q&A closes

October 23, 2019: Deadline for receipt of proposals no later than 8:00 p.m. ET

SBIR Assistance:

The SBIR Guide Proposal Creator   -- Department of Defense Phase I Edition: contains everything you need to generate a fully compliant and compelling proposal in as little as 16 hours.  Our multi award-winning process provides the critical questions and required format -- all you do is fill in the answers!  Easily upload your files, images and tables to our secure servers featuring data purge and OPSEC principles.  Learn More:

Direct to Phase II Proposal Creator: If interested in us creating a proposal creator for a specific Direct to Phase II topic, email us at

Professional Proposal Reviews:  Ed Bard and staff will review your proposal for grammar, spelling, compliance, and most importantly will offer suggestions and comments to improve the narrative to assist you in making it more compelling to the reviewer.  Save time, improve your proposal's win percentage, and achieve peace of mind that your proposal will be compliant.

Free Resources: For helpful information, head to our free learning center:

About Us:

Ed Bard is a prior Army officer, the founder of SBIR Guide, and the cofounder of Response Technologies.   He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering, MS in Business Management and a certified and well-practiced Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt.  Response Technologies is now an award-winning small business that designs and develops products for the 3D textile reinforced composite market utilizing additive manufacturing. 

“We had a great idea, but were in the valley of death for funding. We spent an enormous amount of time and effort trying to navigate the SBIR program to get funding for our business. That effort translated into a Phase I SBIR with the DoD , followed by Phase II and Phase III contract awards.  It is unlikely that Response Technologies would be in the strong position we are today if not for the great fortune of being awarded our first SBIR.” -- Ed Bard,  President Response Technologies

Ed Bard has presented to several DoD agencies to include NAVAIR, DARPA, USAF, SOCOM, Army-CCDC, DCMA, OSD, and the DLA.  Ed has assisted clients in receiving over $35 million worth of non-dilutive US Government funding since 2018.   Response Technologies has won various awards, to include: Army xTechSearch Challenge, Sikorsky Innovation Challenge, DoD MANTECH, MassChallenge, RI Business Plan Competition as well as RI Science Technology Advisory Committee.

Learn More:


To be added to our regular newsletter and have content delivered to you about non-dilutive Department of Defense small business funding opportunities contact us here:


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