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$1.6 Million xTechSBIR Competition Launched

Posted by Lisa Striker on




xTech Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Direct toPhase II (D2PII) is the ARMY's newest competition, with over $1.67 Million dollars in funding PER WINNER! This is a unique competition that aims to provide small businesses with an opportunity to collaborate with the Army, earn prize money and provide potential D2PII SBIR funding opportunities to tackle specific Army challenges.

xTech SBIR D2PII is a mix of the xTech style competition offering small businesses opportunities to showcase their technology solutions and awarding prize money to the technologies that best address the topics; and the SBIR program where companies selected from the xTech competition rounds will be eligible to submit for a SBIR D2PII award of up to $1.67M. The pilot competition features six (6) Army topics and will invite up to 12 companies to pitch their idea for each topic, with up to 4 companies selected from each topic to win prize money and submit SBIR D2PII applications for $1.67M contract awards. The pilot topics include:


  • Topic A: Combat Vehicle Modernization – Advanced Hybrid Networks and Cable Management Strategies 
  • Topic B: Autonomous Navigation Sensor Technologies 
  • Topic C: Advanced Real Time Global High-Resolution Environmental Information to Support Multi-Domain Operations
  • Topic D: Ultra Narrow-band Emergency Radio 
  • Topic E: Non-Lethal Vehicle Defense System
  • Topic F: Condition-Based Maintenance for Combat Vehicles 


To learn more, and to submit your quad chart, visit the xTechSearch website




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